Things on the internet which please me

  1. The “Attempts to Fly” flicker set of Conan Thai.  Via Company Pants
  2. These comics from Married to the Sea: Do the Same Thing and Shhhh… I didn’t see.
  3.  These comics from Natalie Dee: That Worm is Pretty Tricky, Marcus is gone all that remains is his chicken, and Look at me I already quit (this is my favorite)
  4. Big Fat White Whale’s take on why gay marriage will ruin everything.
  5. This Unhappy Hipsters.
  6. The story of Missy, the lost cat.
  7. All of Chewbaca’s dialogue from Star Wars from Doug Savage.  I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars, but I thought this was great.
  8. These two Cat & Girl Comics: Pop Culture References About Pop Culture References and The Whole Ball of Yarn
  9. Some People
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